Help Remedies: A Remedy for Blandness

We visit New York City to talk to Help Remedies co-founder Richard Fine about brand identity and tone of voice at the (Malin & Goetz) Apothecary and Lab.

Even within the context of all the tones and voices that exist within the world of companies I think it’s a fun, interesting one
— Richard Fine

Help are a breath of fresh air within the pharmaceutical industry, while the industry is obsessed with the ‘more is better’ approach; ‘Extra strength’ or ‘Maximum effect’, Help favour a more considered route. With simple packaging that borrows heavily from Swiss 1950s design and a commitment to using only one active ingredient per product instead of the usual adding of unnecessary ingredients and dyes, Help Remedies are challenging the conventions of the tired and unimaginative healthcare category.

Richard’s business partner and co-creator of Help Remedies Nathan Frank is the copywriter on the brand and writes with a quirky style and tone of voice that they have been able to uniquely own.