The Challenger Project is published by eatbigfish, a strategic brand consultancy with a single focus: challenger thinking and behaviour. Founded by Adam Morgan after he wrote Eating the Big Fish - the book that popularised the term 'challenger brand' - the company exists to study challenger behaviour and work with businesses who want to become challengers themselves.



Challenger brands change the way we see and experience the categories around us, in big and in small ways. And, at their best, have the ability to move our world at the same time. They can’t get away with just tweaking indifference; they have to make us question what we thought we knew and liked. And they have to do that without the benefits of large budgets, reassuring social mass or widespread distribution.

The Challenger Project is a platform dedicated to understanding and exploring how a new generation of challenger brands grow and succeed. By sharing the learnings, we want to both inspire and be genuinely useful to those wanting to build a challenger brand of their own.



We only feature brands, people and businesses that we think genuinely exhibit challenger behaviour, and we never accept sponsored posts.

We're always happy to meet new people and hear new stories, so if you think your brand is challenging in your market please get in touch and tell us more.



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