Somewhere: The people focused recruitment platform

"We think there has been a revolution in the way that young people approach work and find work." 

-Duncan Gough, Co-founder

Somewhere is a social media platform to challenge LinkedIn’s dominance in the world of professional networking. The idea being that LinkedIn as a platform has been around for +12 years and hasn’t really changed, but the way in which people look and find work has changed, with a stronger emphasis on the value of company culture and how well an employee will work and get on within a team.

Whereas LinkedIn focuses on jobs and recruitment, displayed as an online CV, Somewhere is much more people-focused, showcasing the type of work they do, tasks carried out, as well as more personal moments such as someone’s commute or where someone goes for coffee or lunch showing others a better sense of what they are actually like. Whilst LinkedIn also chooses to display information in text form, Somewhere takes a much more design conscience as well as personal approach, allowing users to upload pictures that visually represent their working day as well as interests. The aim being to connect people looking for work with people looking to hire in a way that matches not just skill sets but also interests and personalities too.

The business has only recently launched and as many new startups do, joining is currently only available via invite request, but among the digital influencers ‘Somewhere’ is gaining attention and it feels like after 12 years at the top LinkedIn may have a new Challenger to contend with.

The insight

  • They recognised that the representation of a day to day job online didn’t exist. The way that people approached and found work had changed, but its online representation had not.
  • The idea was to allow people the opportunity to show what they really do on a daily basis within a job role, and to allow others to gain insight as to how they work.
  • The benefit is to connect people to other like minded people in order to open up new, and relevant job opportunities.

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