5. GoPro

For changing the conversation from technical specs to extreme experiences

Surfing enthusiast Nicholas Woodman first came up with the idea for the GoPro camera whilst on a five month surfing trip around Australia in 2002. Frustrated by his inability to capture professional looking action videos that would document his surfing adventure he set out to create a device that would be rugged, compact and lightweight enough to be used in a versatile range of action packed situations. Two years later he debuted the Go Pro 35mm Hero at a retailer trade show in San Diego providing the brand with a platform to make $150,000 in sales in their first year.

GoPro are creating opportunities for adrenaline junkies and high action videographers to capture and share their most meaningful moments with others. By championing this alternative demographic, GoPro have ignited a passion amongst fans for creating beautiful looking memories without compromising the moment, and this in turn has helped grow an immense community of content creators who whole-heartedly value experience over performance.

“Our passions lead us to create experiences and realities that expand our world and inspire those around us” 

- Nick Woodman, Founder.

Despite being focussed on action and adventure,  GoPro have continually set out to raise the bar in terms of their camera's technological capabilities too. Their latest product release, the GoPro Hero 4, has built upon the previously Emmy Award winning technology that made GoPro cameras suitable for TV production in order to create the most powerful camera the company has ever created, with over double the power of previous models and four times the image quality.

With over 8.3 million Facebook likes and ranked as the #1 Brand Channel on YouTube, GoPro have become the kings of user generated content, driving awareness and growth without the need for a traditional marketing budget by encouraging their community of fans to share videos across an increasingly vast range of platforms. Even in the face of the growing quality and convenience of smart phone camera technology, GoPro fans still claim these versatile gadgets are first choice.