6. Deliveroo

For taking gourmet fast food mobile.

We're living in a world of immediate gratification and unreasonable expectations. Why is the wifi on this airplane dropping out?  Why should I have to wait more than 1 minute for a cab? Why can't I get a cheeky Nandos without leaving the house?

After living in New York, Deliveroo founders William Shu and Greg Orlowski realised that takeaway in the UK wasn't completely up to par with their US counterparts because most of the best fast food restaurants didn't offer a takeaway service. Sparked by their frustration with the ongoing trade-off that food could be either delivered to your door or taste good, the two friends saw an opportunity for a business that could deliver both quality and convenience - high quality restaurant food without the need to go to a restaurant. 

By providing a delivery service for independent and chain restaurant who don't want to handle the complexity and costs of managing their own fleet of drivers Deliveroo get access to the food their customers want, while at the same time helping those businesses expand their customer base. It’s a popular offer, since launch in 2013 the brand has helped some of Britain's best loved restaurant chains including Nando's, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Carluccios, Ping Pong, MEATLiquor, Chicken Shop and Dirty Burger to tap into the lucrative UK food delivery market.

As they manage their own dedicated fleet of drivers, Deliveroo can monitor delivery times, improve efficiency and ensure the food arrives as it should - the average order time for a delivery currently stands at thirty two minutes flat from kitchen to customer - which has clearly proved popular with over 80% of users saying they would order from them again.

With over 250 restaurant chains signing up in the first year, Deliveroo has been growing rapidly and are currently operating in fourteen UK cities. Launches in Dublin, Paris and Berlin in April marked the first of the many regions the brand plans to expand into this year, and with a recent £26 million funding opportunity from Accel Partners we'll soon be seeing Deliveroos on more of Europe’s streets.

There was a time when trade-offs such as quality vs convenience, being green vs being effective or being healthy vs cheap was accepted as the norm. In 2015 that is no longer the case - customer's expectations are continually being raised, and met, by a new generation of resourceful challengers. Deliveroo are a great example of a brand tapping into these increasingly demands for quality, convenience and speed to deliver an unreasonably seamless experience where both brand and customer wins.