10 types of challenger brand strategy

Overthrow II, by  eatbigfish  &  PHD Worldwide , explores 10 types of challenger strategy.

Overthrow II, by eatbigfish & PHD Worldwide, explores 10 types of challenger strategy.

What do we need to challenge to succeed?

A challenger is not a brand that challenges somebody, but a brand that challenges something. Very few explicitly take on another brand in their category, but all of them are challenging something they feel needs to change.

  • Lemonade challenge people’s historical relationship with insurance

  • Tony’s Chocolonely challenge the ethics of the chocolate category

  • Universal Standard challenge a lack of inclusivity and bias in fashion

  • Xiaomi challenge why the best technology has to be expensive

  • COPA90 challenge how the existing power structure shortchanges football fans

  • Oatly challenge whether a historical and much loved cultural norm is something any of us should be doing at all any more

Understanding that central challenge gives each of these challengers real strategic clarity – clarity on their positioning, on their culture, and on their communications behaviour.

And we can see in this clarity a critical antidote to a common tendency in marketers today to respond to a fast-changing world by focusing on the wrong things – the new shiny object, conference buzzword or a slavish adherence to Purpose, whether it is right for the brand or not – rather than the core elements of strategy and brand building that will drive competitive differentiation.

A drift that is dangerous for a market leader, and fatal to a challenger.

Let’s see what follows, then, as 10 different kinds of challenger clarity.

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