3 behaviours for Davids (not Goliaths) on social media

We talk to the Managing Director of Born Social, Ben Tyson as he shares his three bits of advice for challenger brands using social media. Born Social are a social media agency for Davids not Goliaths, helping clients get the best from social media without the expensive price tag.


Social media behaviours for Davids (not Goliaths)


1. Be authentic

The A word that all brands are seeking at the moment, but few can lay claim to being. As a challenger, tools like Instagram Stories and Facebook Live are made for sharing real behind-the-scenes content. Don't underestimate how hard it is for a Goliath to create (i.e. "fake") authenticity, but you as a challenger will have it in abundance. Use what you have.

2. Take calculated risks

You likely don't have the media budget to prop up mediocre content on social. So learn to embrace what you do have - and that is likely freedom to be a bit riskier in your content. Maybe crack that joke your competitor wouldn't be able to, share content rather than advertisements. These calculated risks represent the last real way to achieve "viral" growth on social nowadays.

3. Create advocacy

Think as much about what you're doing to get other people/organisations talking about you on social than what you say yourself. A recommendation from a friend on social is worth 5x what an advert is... social is the place your delighted customers will go to share their experiences, so think about how you encourage and drive this user-generated content.