Brand building lessons from the founders of Smith & Sinclair

Smith & Sinclair are the world's first edible cocktail company, creating sugar coated pastilles that have the same ABV as some of the strongest beers.

The Challenger Project caught up with founders Melanie Goldsmith & Emile Bernard at The Ladies & Gentleman's Bar in Camden to hear some lessons from their journey with the brand so far.

Swim against the cultural tide

Seeing the craft movement within alcohol push trends towards the organic and artisanal, with brands that take themselves very seriously, the co-founders set out to create something completely different. Instead they created a brand and a product that was all being spontaneous, fun and playful. Swimming against the cultural tide is an effective way for a challenger to get noticed and stand out from a crowded market.

Build for the next generation

Rather than focus attempts at trying to attract today's most affluent customer, Smith & Sinclair look to appeal to the next generation of influencers. By tailoring their brand to the 18, 19 and 20 year olds who are shaping tomorrow, Smith & Sinclair keep a step ahead of the curve and their competition.

Get up close and personal with customers

Founders Melanie and Emile overcommit to sampling, and highly value the instant feedback they get on the product from tastings at live events. They hear what customers think directly rather than through a mediator or third party, and get to see the emotional response that is often missing in other forms of product and market testing.