Beerbods: Pioneering co-ordinated consumption

I love beer that you can chat about with friends. I wanted to get more people drinking that kind of beer
— Matt Lane, co-founder.

There’s been a huge shift towards the subscription based business model in a variety of categories in recent years; music from Spotify, movies through LoveFilm, razors from Dollar Shave Club and tampons via HelloFlo.

BeerBods are doing the same thing with beer in the UK. But their innovation doesn’t end there, they’re pioneering what founder Matt Lane calls; co-ordinated consumption – encouraging customers to consume, dissect and review the at the same time via their live tasting evenings.

We think it’s an interesting model and provides a challenge to not only the big beer companies but also to the beer purchasing model as well as the current rituals associates with drinking beer.

Beerbods in brief:

  • In 2011 Matt started a beer tasting club in his shed, and it started to get busy.
  • By 2012 he had launched a webpage and stated that if 20 people signed up in the first week that he would make a beer subscription business. Over 250 people signed up in the first 24 hours
  • 2013 was the year that Beerbods hit 1,000 subscribers and the brand was featured in The Guardian and The Financial Times. Meanwhile Matt is still running the business in his spare time.
  • In 2014 Beerbods started to brew and sell its own brand of beer.


‘Spring Rain’ by Aaron Ximm. From the album Handpans and the Hang