20. Claudi & Fin

For bringing fresh thinking to the frozen aisle.

Lucy Woodhouse and Meriel Kehoe met at their children’s playgroup during the height of summer. Woodhouse, who has a background of manufacturing and marketing, had been searching for a healthy lolly she could give to her daughter and getting frustrated with the complete lack of choice, saw that there could be a gap in the market. After sharing the insight with TV producer Kehoe, the brand Claudi & Fin (named after their two children) was born.

“Challenger is all about changing people’s perceptions and shaking a category up, making something fun happen again”

Lucy Woodhouse, Co-founder.

The first frozen yoghurt brand designed with the child in mind, and the first frozen yoghurt lolly in market in the UK, Claudi & Fin products are made from 100% natural yoghurt and real fruit and, at a time when the number of children in the UK suffering from rickets is worryingly on the rise, are enriched with vitamin D for healthy bones.

“I remember looking in the frozen aisles and thinking, this hasn’t changed since I was a child. All the colours are the same – it’s all neon, it’s all bright, it’s all chocolate and it’s all sugar. Things are changing in other aisles. The time is right for this aisle to change”

Modern but approachable, they drew inspiration from successful challenger brands such as innocent and Dorset Cereals - brands who not just broke product conventions but the design and packaging codes and conventions of the category as well.

Claudi & Fin got its big break after winning a ‘StartUp Britain’ competition; securing listing in 250 Sainsbury's stores nationwide - that has now been extended to 431 stores and 2015 sees them launch in Ocado, Waitrose and Budgens in the UK and Ireland.


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