17. Black Tomato

For creating tailor-made trips that push the boundaries of experience

Whether it's casting paper boats into the river for Thailand’s Loy Krathong festival or scuba diving between the tectonic plates in Iceland, Black Tomato's trips have constantly sought to push the boundaries of experience and imagination. For a little over a decade Black Tomato have been offering cutting edge luxury holidays with an attention to detail not typically seen from mainstream providers. 

Their goal has always been to “cultivate a truly emotional connection with clients” knowing that much of the competition consists of faceless booking engines and a lack of emotional engagement. Black Tomato do this by thinking about the full customer journey of the user, not only the unique experience while they are away, but also the time both before and after their return. They provide an 'Arts of Travel' pack to travellers which includes literature and music curated to both the destination and the individual's tastes to get them excited and enthused about their trip. For that sinking you get on your return, they provide a 'Back to Reality Pack' which includes a copy of The Week magazine and some light entertainment to ease them back into the real world.

Black Tomato are continuing to excel in taking luxury travel to the next level,  last year they won 'Travel Brand of the Year' at the The Travel Marketing Awards and Co-founder Tom Marchant gained a seat on the UK Travel Advisory Board. This year the brand is adding even more unique spots to their already extensive list of travel destinations and plans to continue expanding their international reach and growth in the US travel market.