The CoppaFeel founder on how to get a message heard

“Always think creatively. And if anything, less money means more creativity.”

- Kristin Hallenga

Young people are a notoriously tough audience to get through to. Too busy? Don’t care? What evs.

Despite being a health message CoppaFeel’s Kristin Hallenga seems to be getting her message heard loud and clear and her extraordinary story and the CoppaFeel campaign have been  impossible to ignore in recent weeks in the UK with TV, radio and national newspaper coverage.

From our recent interview with Kristin, here she shares with us her 3 Bits of Advice for someone looking to get an important message heard.

If you missed Kristin’s brilliant BBC3 documentary last week;  ‘Kris: Dying to Live‘ I recommend you catch it on iPlayer. As well as a moving account of her story so far the film reveals CoppaFeel’s latest initiative#RethinkCancer which aims to get cancer education into the school curriculum.