Thinking like the No.2 brand

“Before we’d reached the milestone, we’d redefined the goal.” 

– Douglas Lamont

We meet Douglas Lamont, CEO of Innocent Drinks at Fruit Towers to talk about the importance of never losing the Challenger mentality.

Since launching their smoothie range in 1999, their chatty, cheerful spirit and mission to do good, as well as taste good has proved ever popular. They've been gradually expanding the boundaries of their category ever since, with veg pots, fruit tubes for kids and more recently chilled juice in 2012.

A four year investment from Coca Cola has doubled the business’ size and encouraged the brands work towards tackling the problem of world hunger through the Innocent Foundation, which is now raising more money than ever before. This brand’s admirable missions are part of the reason it has probably become one of the most iconic Challenger brands out there. What’s not to like about a brand that is trying to make products that are good for us, that do good for the world, and are conscious of their impact on the environment?

Despite being the top selling smoothie brand across Europe, Douglas explains why they now consider themselves to be part of the broader category of chilled juice, and the benefits that redefining your category can bring to an organisation.