Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent Drinks on ‘House Media’

Innocent Drinks is famous for its informal chattiness (being used strategically, to help make a healthy drink a want rather than an ought), from the embossing on the bottom of the bottles, to the constantly changing package copy, to the delivery vans in the guise of cows or fields, to the customised displays on its fridges (all grass and daisies).

All of these are called ‘‘House Media’’ by Innocent’s co-founder Richard Reed — not packaging or vans or fridges, but House Media — materials and objects which you have to produce anyway and which therefore ambitious challengers could and should be using as media to project what they stand for.

One hears a lot of talk these days about brands needing to be media-neutral; this is surely nonsense, at least for a challenger.

What challengers need to be is media-positive — that is, frame the way the organisation is seeing everything at its disposal such that everything is a potential medium for projecting what it stands for, what makes it special.

Its Lighthouse Identity.