Hendrick's Gin: Not for everybody

Steven Grasse is a serial challenger in the spirits world. First launching Sailor Jerry Spice Rum in 1999, today they sell over 1M cases per year. He then created the Hendrick’s brand, a weird and wonderful gin with a world-wide cult following and then in 2009 launched ‘Art in the Age’ an organic liquor brand with a range of products. He has kept involved in a creative capacity with all the brands he created through his own creative agency Quaker City Mercantile, based in Philadelphia.

What’s interesting about the spirits world is it’s run by a bunch of old-timers... I found it very easy to go in and just mess with that because no-one had
— Steven Grasse

Steven is a firm believer in defying traditional conventions and all of his branded creations demonstrate this in abundance in the way they are both experienced and communicated. His aim is to build brands that people have a very heartfelt emotional affinity and connection with in the same way that music fans have with their favourite bands.

Additional Footage: Hendricks Gin
Music: 'Fixation' by Anitek.

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